ALL-STAR BASS FISHING – Bass Battles on Siltcoos Lake

Bass Battles

I had the pleasure to join the crew at Sitloos Lake in Oregon for their 2019 coastal lakes seeding and round 1 events.

Meet the Anglers as they prepare to dethrone the two-time champion Jeremy McKay. It won’t be an easy task. Jeremy is a true hammer and everyone knows it. Join me as I travel down to Oregon to film this event and find my first bass of 2019.

All-Star Bass Fishing
BassBattles FB:

The Anglers that fish Bass Battles are some of the best in the North West.

Aubrey Holloway
Bubba Brown
Clint Messner
David Mays
Jamie Mac McEldowney
Jeremy McKay
Keith KaDell
Kevin Heitsman
Kevin Snelling
Michael Ardito
Michael Conser
Lane Olson
Michael Postlewait
Michael Strickler
Nathan Bromley – Youtube
Ron L. Six
Ross Morris
Rosie Williams
Ryan Lawrence

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