Sweat the small stuff get a buff.

There are times when you should sweat the small stuff. If you find yourself ill prepared to deal with the intense heat of the summer sun, you might find yourself heading home early from your fishing trip.

Smallmouth in the sun
Smallmouth in the Sun!

Washington State is known for its beautiful green forests and cool running rivers. However, this summer, western Washington feels more like California. Hot, dry and various shades of brown.

If you’re planning a trip to the lake make sure to bring sun screen, protective clothing and an adequate amount of water. A little pre-planning can help you be a successful angler during the hottest times of the day. A good pair of glasses is a requirement when on the water, not only to protect your eyes from the suns glair but also as an aid in spotting fish below the water’s surface. If you don’t like wearing an oversized hat consider using a buff to help protect the back of your neck and ears.

Western Washingtonians that don’t travel to eastern Washington often are caught off guard by the suns serious effects. Usually, we have the cloud cover that protects us from the sun’s rays to some degree. The temperatures this summer have topped the 90-degree mark and in some places 100 degrees. Take the time to protect your skin and stay hydrated.

Let’s get out and get ’em safely.