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All Star Bass Fishing

Driven by bass fishing as an angler, tournament director, and all around fan, Bobby Brown launched All Star Bass Fishing in 2018 to provide a unique service to anglers across the US.

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Willamette Weapon

Willamette Weapon Lures are the best custom painted lures in the West.  They pride themselves on creating and designing the next best thing to live bait. Their custom painted lures will give you a competitive edge when it counts.

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Battle Baits

Battle Baits brings the most dominate series of Hand Tied Bass Baits ever produced! Their baits are designed to put more and bigger bass in your boat!

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Uncensored Fisherman

Uncensored Fisherman is a small southern Oregon tackle buissness that brings an uncensored approach to the world of bass fishing. They supply the best hand made soft plastic baits on the west coast.

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Team Drain Raider

Team Drain Raider is pro bass fishing team that competes on many levels.

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