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Pink Salmon
Pink Salmon caught and released on the Green River, Wa.






Latest Video

Riffe Lake The Break Down Session S1E10

Join Just Fishing TV as we fish Riffe Lake in search of Smallmouth Bass. Finding the pattern on a new body of water can be tough. The Lake is in drawdown and is dropping a foot a day. This can make finding a pattern more difficult and adds to the challenge of finding a consistent bite. This is the second of three pre-fish sessions before our next Bass Club tournament.

▼Baits Used

  • Yum Swimmin Dinger – Watermelon Pearl
  • Yum Breaking Shad – Blue Pearl
  • Yum Breaking Shad – Sinful Shad
  • Duo Realis G-Fix Spinbait 80 – Arctic Gill



William - Brown Trout
William Moffett with a Brown Trout caught at Spanaway Lake, Wa

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